Bottled Laughter

Maybe it really is too gray to be creative…or funny.  It is the second day of a four-day rainstorm that everyone I ran into today knows is supposed to drive our moods.  It seemed like the people I encountered had taken a pledge:  we, the people, of rain-soaked  (still dirty-snow-covered) Minnesota, do solemnly swear that this weather sucks the life out of us and we are going to withhold laughter for a nicer day.

I am not sure why I want to laugh really, really hard today.  Maybe it is the crazed spring fever laugh that sounds more maniacal than genuine that feels the urge to come out. But a good laugh does wonders,  and I know that is what I need.   Lots of funny things happen in this house on a regular basis, but now, when I need it the most… nothing is really all that funny!

We had an average and uneventful day, mimicking the drab weather.  So, I better do something about this.  I wish I had a clown costume that I could put on.  Complete with wig,  red nose, face paint, an obnoxious pair of overalls and big shoes.  I would love to just walk through the mall.  No performance.  No attempts to scare small children, just go from store to store, peruse like nothing is happening, buy anything that looks interesting and walk with bags to the next store.   Then maybe I could buy an ice cream cone and sit on a bench with my legs crossed and slowly lick my frozen treat.

But since I don’t have a clown costume, and my kids are going to be home from school in like twenty minutes, I need something else for a chuckle.  Oldest sprout has a hockey game tonight….one of those that I am supposed to seriously think is like the most serious and important event of the week. (please note sarcasm…he is 9 and I wish the tone of his “games” felt way less serious than they often do).  I fear if I do something to give myself a good laugh, one (or several) of the parents will think that it is not that funny at all, and I could cause more seriousness as a result.

So, I guess I will just have to have some internal laughs until I can get a good flick on later tonight so I can laugh this off, and I promise that I will report if anything actually funny happens between now and tomorrow!

4 thoughts on “Bottled Laughter

  1. I know exactly what you mean, Meagan. We've been super blessed with something like five days in a row of sunshine. In Michigan! But today, the cloud-covered skies returned. (sigh)I subscribe to my sister-in-law's remedy for days like these. Turn on every light in the house (ignore the electric bill!) and then pop in one of those comedies you've got hidden on your DVD shelf, you know that one that's guaranteed to make you laugh! In fact, think I'll go do that right now! ;o)

  2. I was needing a laugh yesterday too! I never got mine…did you get yours?And if you do decide to get a clown costume and go shopping, make sure you go back to that store you went to the other day when they gave you the Pretty Woman looks and tell them, just like Julia did, that they made a big mistake.

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