Postcards from Spring Break

Dear So and So...

It has been a glorious three weeks…okay, I’m lying a little, but it has been a pretty good break with the three sprouts home from school, Pappa Sprout done with hockey, and some time to actually bond as a family.  There have been snippets of experiences that I felt would be best shared in short letter format, so here it goes…

Dear Pappa Sprout,
I love that you love to do projects, and those stairs to the dock look absolutely amazing.  I do wish you would have warned me, however, that I would feel like my heart was going to explode out of my chest when I watched you put the dock in… you know, the one that should have been put in by three grown men…I am glad that the torn material was your waders and not the skin and muscle that is just scratched and terribly bruised.

Dear Lake Wildlife,
You know who you are.  You trumpeter swans… you eagles…you loons…you ducks…you geese…you other diving bird with the mohawk that I don’t know your name…you little bird that flew into our big picture window…and even you turkey vultures.  Thank you for the amazing production the last few days.  It was well-choreographed, highly entertaining and a huge part of why our kids love going to the cabin.

Dear Elderly Cabin Neighbors,
I am glad that you are okay.  I hadn’t realized that your dog took a walk on a moving iceberg, and got stranded out on the lake.  I would bet he was glad to see you when you got out there on your inflatable boat to rescue him.  I do hope he is not too traumatized by witnessing both of  you falling out of the boat as you went to grab him.  Thank goodness you were all in the boat by the time the fire truck arrived.

Dear Next-of-kin to Mr. Squirrel,
I am sorry I smooshed your friend.  It was totally his fault though.  He broke the agreement.  The one that says, once you start crossing the road you need to just keep going all the way to the other side.  He started across the road, I slowed, and then he changed his mind about what his job was supposed to be and he turned back around… right into MY wheel.  RIP Mr. Squirrel.

Dear Mother Nature,
You were awesome these past few days.  Really?!  Seventy-five on April 1st in Minnesota?  Way to go! You did a great job at the cabin too.  Phenomenal full moon, warm enough weather to let us watch crashing icebergs, and time outside without coats.  It just about makes up for the bitter cold you put us through in the winter.  Thanks!! 

Dear Lady Jogger without a Sportsbra,
I commend your efforts for being out there running.  I appreciate that what was in your covered stroller was probably a really tiny baby, and you are back out exercising again.  Take it from me…running while you are a newly nursing mother is a bad idea.  The bras don’t fit like they used to, and the tatas don’t stay where they should.  Taking nursing boobs out for a jog is painful for you…and your boobs.  Take it slow.  Your boobs will thank you.

6 thoughts on “Postcards from Spring Break

  1. Meagan – you are hilarious! What a great way to tell a story. I have forbidden my husband from doing any household projects that involve a ladder – I just can't stand the stress it causes me!! And the note to the squirrel. Priceless! Thanks for making me laugh this morning.Peryl

  2. What a beautiful cabin you have! I'm glad that nature shined its warmth upon you while you were there, the sun makes everything so much better.I loved your post. My husband also scares me with his immense strength and undying stupidity when he does it all himself. As for poor Mr. Squirrel, just goes to show that you should stick with your decisions once you make them, right???

  3. Ha, ha, ha! Okay, Meagan, your note to Lady Jogger is cracking me up. I can't imagine how women can't feel how bad that is for their tatas!What an awesome, special spot you have for spending your breaks. It sounds heavenly! I would love to see "diving bird with the mohawk" myself! ;o)

  4. I love this post!!! I sometimes do the Dear So and So meme too. I think such great stories can be told in letter format. You made me feel almost as if I was right there with you at your cabin. Great pictures too!Have a great weekend!

  5. What a fabulous post! Great stories and I love the way in which you chose to tell them. The photos of the views from the cabin are wonderful – where exactly is it, it looks amazing.

  6. Loved this post! Oh and ..ouch. Lady Jogger – your boobies will probably never be the same again anyway, just don't make it worse. I think I will try the Dear So and So.Thankscj

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