Sometimes You Just Need a Daddy Globe

What is a daddy globe, you may ask.  For us it is the garage-sale-need-to-buy-something-for-dad-for-father’s-day trinket that Big Sprout picked up last year.  It is a bald head in water with what appears to be floating hair. Appetizing, I know! The inscription on the side reads, “Over the Hill and Losing It”.

Who knew that it was going to become our replacement daddy this spring.

Last week I heard Little Sprout playing in the playroom.  She was talking to herself, and I just assumed that she was playing with one of her dolls or with an imaginary friend.  I was close. 

“Sweetie, what are you doing?” I inquisitively asked from the kitchen.

“Oh, I’m playing with daddy,” she matter-of-factly reported.

That’s cute, I thought.  I walked around the corner and saw her shaking the bald dad globe to make the hair float around.

“Oh, daddy!  That’s so funny!” she laughed.

“That’s perfect!” I chuckled. “Hey, instead of trying to make a “Flat Daddy” (the idea I had about putting a poster-sized version of my husband at his dinner seat) maybe this daddy can eat dinner with us.”

“Sure mom,” Little Sprout agreed. “You know though, if he is in the chair no one will be able to see him.  We need to put him ON the table.”

So, that’s what we’ve done.  For the last week, the bald-headed floating daddy has joined us for dinner each night.  When we would usually be holding hands and saying grace, two of the kids hands lay on top of the daddy globe head.

I am not sure that the kids will continue to be as attached to the daddy globe as they have been the last week, but Littlest Sprout will probably try to keep him real for all of us.  Today, she told me that she was walking on daddy’s back. (something that she does with her real daddy).  Thankfully she wasn’t really standing on the globe.  Instead she was rolling the head back and forth with her feet.

So, they may not get to hold dad’s hands at dinner or walk on his back when they want to, but the daddy globe can help to distract all of us from the fact that they miss the real dad who is way more than a globe…he is our whole world!

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