How to care for a baby…Sprout Style

Out of the blue tonight, Big Sprout piped up from the backseat.

“You know, mom, I think every family should have a baby that stays a baby.  You know, like, it never grows up, and it just stays cute.”

Chuckling through my response, “Oh really, you think so.  You do know, honey, that babies are a lot of work.”

“Oh, I know that, but I know the baby basics,” he smugly replies.

“I see.  That’s interesting,” I drive on.  “I am curious though…what do you think the baby basics are?”

“Oh, you know.  You have to feed them and then you have to decide the right time to put them to sleep…”

“Wait, wait, you need to write these down for me,” I say as I frantically search for a piece of paper. (I wish I didn’t feel like I was always frantically searching for a piece of paper) “I want a copy of this,” still rummaging,  “but I’m driving.”  I hand back a folded piece of paper and a pen.  The following is the scribbled list of “How to Care for a Baby” by Big Sprout. (I am transcribing exactly the way he has it written)

1. feed
2. right time to sleep
3. help them burp
4. Ki says if you play hockey with the baby you have to take it easy
5. change diper
6. stress
7. play
8. LOVE!!!

I guess he does indeed have the basics….at least on paper.

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