Watch Out Tooth Fairy!!! I Think It’s a Setup!

I have to write this quickly, because I fear I may be discovered.  I wanted to get out a warning to you, Tooth Fairy, about an insidious plan. 

You may know my seven-year-old…you visit her often.  You came to see her twice this week, in fact.  Anyway, she has been saving that third tooth the dentist pulled so she can put it under her pillow at  her upcoming slumber party.  I KNOW!!  It has to be a trap.  It is the only feasible explanation. I wanted to get the word out to you, and since I don’t have a fairy hotline to call…I thought I would try the internet.  You’re online, right?!? 

Anyway,  heads up! You WILL be called to our house next week.  The girls will be on the lookout for you, and you’ll have more bodies and pillows to navigate.  Put on extra fairy dust so you can remain undetected.

Oh yeah, one more thing.  You thought that last tooth you hauled out of here was big…this one is a monster.  It is likely the BIGGEST baby tooth I have ever seen.  You may need to bring in some help.

Good luck tooth fairy!  I’ll be pulling for you!

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