What the Blog? You Want a Weinie?

I shouldn’t be writing right now, but it is the zen in my chaos.  I should be waking the children, getting their little bodies bathed and battening down the hatches before we head out of town, but instead I hide in the solace of my keyboard and procrastinate.

What the Blog? Little Sprout (our beautiful 4-year-old girl) tells the big sprouts that she wants a weinie?

The big sprouts came in howling from the garage yesterday (obviously focused on speeding up our packing)

“Mom!!  Mom!!! Little Sprout said that she wants a weinie.”

“Oh really?!” My carpet comment for most of the things my kids say.

In walks Little Sprout, most obviously beyond exhaustion (usually the state we get the best humor and stories from her).

“Hey, Little Sprout, tell mom what you were saying!!”  The big sprouts were jumping they were so excited.

“I want a weinie!”  She smiled looking at the reaction she garnered from her big brother and sister.

“Why?”  I asked, immediately regretting giving her a reason to keep going with this line of thinking.

She cupped her hands near her danger zone, started waving them back and forth and replied, “Because it goes jingle jangle!”

They all ran howling back into the garage to do some of their own procrastinating.  She then asked later that night (while watching old home videos), “Where am I?”

“Oh, you weren’t born yet.”

“Was I in your tummy?” she asked.

“No, not yet.”  I replied.

“How did I get in your tummy anyway?”

I told her I would save that story for another night.  We were all too tired for that one!

I am confident that this summer will be one of discovery…at least for Little Sprout…she may not be focused on chores to pack, but she is definitely focused on something.  This should be fun!

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