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It has been months since my last girly-girl transformation update.  I have moved too little on the scale to report much.  That is…until now.

For my loyal and committed readers (mom) you may remember my conversion from tomboy to-do-list

Number two on the list was to buy more feminine clothes and number three on the list was to buy a fitted bra.  Just adopting an “I am not repulsed by a trip to the mall” attitude has been a challenge. I still get annoyed by some parts of shopping, like in-your-face marketing, and the feeling of inadequacy that overwhelms me when I realize I don’t even look the part of a legitimate shopper.  I do enjoy time with my girls, though, and I am sure that mall trips will be a part of our time together as they get older. The quest to transform continues…

So, we did it.  I loaded up the girls for a day at the mall.  I knew in my head, the short list of items I needed for a feminine outfit, and it started with the acquisition of a good bra.  My girls are only seven and four, so I did what I could to prepare them.

“Now girls, I have some things I need to buy, and one of the stores we will go in, I am going to get a bra.”

Cue giggles and twitters. 

“Are you guys going to be able to handle that?”

“Oh, mom, I’ll be fine,” my seven-year-old said calming herself.

“Yeah, me too!” Little Sprout followed suit.

We started the mall trip with a stop at the girls’ favorite doll store.  If you have daughters, you know exactly which one I mean.  They spent some of their allowance on accessories and we moved to store two.  I bought an outfit, with expert and enthusiastic advice from the girls.  After lunch and some rambling through the cool parts of the mall, we had one stop left.  We all knew what I needed (it helped that the girls reminded me every other minute or two that I needed a bra)

The pleasant-smelling pink store was the destination.

Little Sprout kicked things off by saying, “This store is inappropriate mom!”

“Honey, it’s not inappropriate.  All ladies need bras and underwear.  You’ll need one someday too, and this is a nice store to get them.”

“I like this store mom!” Middle Sprout encouraged.

The girls stayed relatively composed, that is, until the attendant had to measure me for my bra.  I spent all my energy trying to seem completely comfortable.  Their laughter could not be contained, and comfort was out the window for all of us.

I changed the subject (kindof).  “Hey, should I get an animal print bra or a fun pink one?”

“Leopard skin?  That’s funny!”  As we filed through the exotic drawer.  If I was going to spend the money on a nice bra, I wanted it to be fun.  I tried on a few.  Some that changed my shape so much I thought I was going to poke holes in the wall, and the giddy laughter from my stall was entertaining in and of itself.  I moved past discomfort and relished the fun we were all having. It REALLY was fun.  I hope when it is time to take my girls shopping for their first bras they will be able to tap in to the sort of enjoyment we had that day.

I chose a light pink bra with black polka-dots.  It fits well and puts things back in the places they were before kids sucked the life out of them.  I have told Middle Sprout, the one who remains most interested in this fascinating womanly adventure, that we can have a code word, and she’ll know I have it on.  She walks past me in the morning and simply says (with shifting eyes), “Polka dot?” and I confirm with a nod, if she’s right.

Next stop on the list…make-up.  I am sure the girls will enjoy that too, but likely with much less laughter.

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