Calling the Cops on My Workaholic Husband

It wasn’t his fault….okay, it totally was, but I am granting him an excuse waiver. The closing down of the Colorado Renaissance Festival, the life that consumes my husband for four months of the year, shouldn’t be smooth. Not much else about it is, but it is likely an indication of insanity when the cops are involved.

I best explain. My son and I had left Colorado at 4 pm to get a head start on our return home. The girls had been deposited at my mom’s (praise generous grandmas!) and my husband was left on his own to load the trailer, finish last-minute paperwork and close up shop for the year. My normal practice for his time estimates is to multiply what he says it is going to take by three and then it gives me a good time frame in which to expect him. I forgot to multiply.

He told me he would be at my mom’s by 8:30 to put the girls to bed. I talked to him at 8:00 and he said he was hooking the trailer and heading out. What he failed to mention was that he was heading to his office…not my moms. My mom got word that he would arrive around 9:30 instead of 8:30, so she put the girls to bed. I called at 10:30 when my son and I arrived at our Nebraska hotel, and got his voicemail. I continued to get voicemail and no answer at his office for the next two hours. Panic and fatigue completely enveloped me, and I called my mom…the one phone I knew would pick up.

Her call back sounded like this: “Okay, the state patrol says there are not any accidents on the highway, and the Castle Rock Police are on their way to his office to check on him, if he’s there.”

The next call was from my insane, workaholic husband…shaken by the arrival and questioning of the police. His phone had been left in the truck, and he chose to ignore the phone ringing at the office… so he could continue to work. I wish I could have instructed the cop to handcuff him, drag him to a bed and sentence him to a night of good sleep. Instead he was  given a warning for workaholic tendencies, and he is officially on probation with me.

Now I am on the search for a Workaholics Anonymous group.  Are there any that meet in the middle of the night?  That would be when he is available to attend.

11 thoughts on “Calling the Cops on My Workaholic Husband

    • No…not this fall. We have until next Tuesday and then hubs starts his weekend trips to the Pittsburgh Renaissance festival, and I start coaching my college soccer team. Live in nannies, crazy kid schedules and a family existing in three states will be the way of life for six weeks. I don’t think my husband is the only certifiably crazy adult in this house 🙂

  1. oh I can’t tell you how many times I’ve almost done the same thing! My husband used to work about an hour from our house, and once we had kids I made him call when he was leaving the office (he refused to carry a cell phone then). One particularly bad weather night, he called to say he was leaving and HOURS later, still no husband. Frantic with no way to reach him (I thought), I checked the internet like crazy for reports of accidents. Finally desperate, I called his office. He was still there, distracted by one more work thing…my husband can join yours at the meeting…
    I love how you put your frantic worry so eloquently into words. I’ll be one of the first to buy your book!

  2. I hope to NEVER have to do that again. I appreciate so often the fact that he is willing to work hard, but I am not sure how to create balance for him. I wish I didn’t feel so responsible for his well-being…the joys of marriage I guess!

  3. First time visiting your post! I’m visiting from the comment you left on my blog (THANK YOU for your comment BTW!)

    I hope hubby has learned his lesson! LOL!

    I will definitely be coming back to

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