Stuckness For Sale

Walking our ridiculously small dog last week, my husband and I talked about the attitude of puppies. He is learning his role on the leash, and in his collar, (the dog…not my husband) but that doesn’t stop him from lunging at the birds who flit from branch to branch miles above his head.

“Buddy, you’re never going to get them, you know,” my husband laughs at him.

“He’ll figure that out…someday,” I say sadly, “But if he stops believing he might have a shot at ’em, he’ll turn into a bitter, old dog,” I said.

Silence accompanied us for a while. We both know we are more like old dogs than we are like bouncy puppies.

It happens to people, too, you know. We start with these grandiose ideas, riding on possibilities and dreams, and then, as time goes by, we realize the dreams  may not happen the way we imagined they would. We stop jumping and sadly mope as we trudge along.

That’s the feeling today.  Trudging through sticky (and snow-covered) mud.

We’re all stuck between winter and spring.

The dog is stuck inside.

Middle Sprout is stuck wearing the one approved skirt that actually fits her appropriately.

Little Sprout is stuck home because she’s not quite big enough to go to school with the big sprouts.

Big Sprout is stuck between being a kid and a teenager.

Pappa Sprout is stuck having to leave us for work next week.

And I’m stuck…helpless to do anything about any of it.

It’s my job, you know.  As the emotional leader of this family I am in charge of how we get through this stuckness.

So, I’ve had it! This overwhelming and stifling stuckness is officially for sale.

It’s really a good buy…honestly.  You can be stuck in this fine house at the end of a friendly cul-de-sac. You can be stuck with the maintenance of a beautiful lake cabin that is fun both winter and summer. Our stuckness includes good health, busy schedules, lots of laughter, and …well, when you put it that way…it’s really not that bad.

Yes, there is impending separation, and a hope to be doing something else, something bigger, with our lives, but where we’re stuck is not so bad.  And even better, it’s not permanent. Life moves, things change and we will find ourselves in another kind of stuck very soon.

No matter where we move, what we do, how we sit, there is a stuckness there.

It’s easy to look around, and think, I want their life.  But, you know what?  They are stuck too. We buy and sell and trade and negotiate for a different kind of stuck.

There are people who would give everything they have to feel as “stuck” as we do.

Stuck happens, but it isn’t a real place. It is a state of mind, and if you’ll excuse me, I am going to go change mine.

14 thoughts on “Stuckness For Sale

  1. Meagan what a great post! It is very good for me to remember that many people would buy my stuckness too! Gratiude is a great way for me to get unstuck too! Thank you for a well needed reminder!

  2. Hi Meagan, What a great post. I am so glad you worked your way through feeling pretty “stuck” to appreciation of what is and a change of perspective. Like you, I find that writing is so great for seeing the big picture. I don’t know how I would get through life without it. Oh, yes I do – I would be stuck for sure!
    Love, Joyce

    I’m sorry your hubby has to go away. I hope it’s not for long.

    • Thanks Joyce! There is really only one way to get unstuck, huh? To work through it. There is only one place I want to arrive once I’m freed…gratitude. It’s nice to see similar travelers, and you are among them! MMF

  3. what a fun piece! The last line is the bomb, too! Thanks for sharing that ‘state of mind’ with us and for reminding us that we can ALL change anything…if we just change our mind! YAYY!

    • Thanks Brynne! I happened to like that last line too. I just wish I could perfect the changing…make it happen at the first twinge of a negative thought. That takes so much practice! MMF

  4. I love how you write. You had me at “Stuckness for Sale”. I have been really blessed and I don’t want to dispell any of my blessings, but I have always found I needed some “change” every three years. We talk about ‘the seven year itch’ but I get it every three years.

    I’ve been lucky. My changes have been tweaks in job and career (luckily not husband, kids or health). Sometimes we have moved (we moved around a lot as newly weds). I think changes are actually quite good. They help us grow – especially when the changes were on my terms. [I’m all for stacking the deck as you know.]

    Anyway, don’t mean to ramble – just to support. Great post and here’s to controlled, stacked, change.

  5. Thanks for coming by my blog and commenting today. I really enjoy your blog too and look forward to reading more. And hang in there — spring will eventually break through … right?

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