Wednesday Walkin’ On Sunshine

Yes, I know this is a bike, and that when I am rolling, I am not technically walking, but it’s my “walk” and I am perfectly comfortable using what I need to use, to get where I need to go.

Where do I go? Nowhere in particular, really. It’s the moving from here to there that counts. Important too, is what I see, and who I become along the way.

This bike ride was an opening for me.

For this particular impromptu ride, I had no set destination. I found my house life-less. My husband had the kids and the dog, and I had a couple hours to kill. So, I stuffed in my head phones, loaded myself onto my bike and headed out. I wanted to find a new path that my friend had told me about.

Before I knew it I was whirring by houses and trees and rolling down into the shaded cool offered around every bend.

That’s when it hit me. This Minnesota lake ride was without many climbs, but I was slowly covering the figure eight patterns as I wove myself in and out of the lake paths.

Circles. Rolling. Round. Endless.

I felt the gratification I sought when I would find myself at a starting point for a lake path.  And then I wanted to do another one….and another one. Lake after lake after lake…

Around, and around and around. Each time coming back to the place I had started a few minutes before, but when I met back up at the start/end point, I had done some revolutions of my own.

Why did this feel so different than my workouts and journeys in Colorado?

Linear versus circular. Colorado: up and down…there to here. Lines with A and B points that are not usually in the same spot. Sure, it’s a loop, or a boomerang, but it is oblong if it connects.

Minnesota is circles and figure-eights and flow.

Mountains are angular, hard, unforgiving and internally challenging with every step. The growing that happens around those rocks often takes place in the hikers who tackle them.

Water of the lakes around here is soft, mesmerizing, slowly thought-provoking, and more life encases these paths than I could possibly comprehend.

Maybe people need these contrasts in their lives. The changing of seasons, the dichotomy of geography.

Calendars…linear.  Seasons…cyclical.

Lines and angles to measure the distances to planets we can see, and the circular orbits they occupy.

We need both.  I need both.

Writing is both the lines and the artistic swirls for me. Rules of grammar, sticks of letters, lines of sentences. Molded and shaped to come back around again to an idea that started it all.

I come home from my walks…similar to when I finish a piece of  writing…changed and ready to share what I gained along the way. I captured pictures and phrases and then I try to use the lines of a blank page to mix and create a soft image among the letters.

I’m good at the architecture of writing. I have spent my entire life in the lines of Colorado. Learning well the here to there…the expectations of the unforgiving and learning the right way to do things.

It is only now, finally, I find myself craving more of the curves. An impromptu ride on the infinity sign that I hope will allow me to continue to work on the “art” of the circular paths.

I think I’ll go for a bike ride…

I hope to make it a regular thing to record how my “walks” are changing me. I’d love to submit a “Wednesday Walkin’ On Sunshine” blogpost every week or two. A chance to work on the craft, and to keep my eyes open to the inspiration around me. Feel free to link up your own blogposts and pictures that fall in line with this theme.  Maybe it will grow into something.

I have some pictures on my website from my “walks” over the last two weeks.  Head over to check it out:  Meagan Frank. com

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