Ready to Yogify My Life…

Photography by Gosia Janik

It’s New Year’s Eve and, as usual, I’ll use today for contemplation. I’ll try to see my present life more clearly as I hold it up against my future plans for what I want my life to be. In that one minute between 2011 and 2012 I’ll close my eyes. I’ll breathe in the new year and exhale the old and something magical will happen. It will be a subtle shift in momentum…a centering on the path I am destined to walk.

I have sensed it happening…this centering. In the last week, there have been five references to, mentions of, and direct connections with the idea of yoga. I make it a habit to pay attention to signs like those.

I am not a stranger to yoga, but it has been quite some time since I was regularly doing it.

I need yoga back in my life.

Actually, everything about me needs to be yogified. This is how I want to frame my 2012 plans.

It’s not a resolution for those finite things like praying daily, or losing weight, or exercising more, or eating more healthfully, or organizing my cupboards, or writing more regularly. Those will be the “happy accidents” of a decision to yogify my life.

Yoga is a science of the body, the mind, the consciousness and the soul. It is the centering of my entire being, and there is nothing I want to do more.

Deep cleansing breath…balanced and peaceful presence…keen self-awareness… and the energy to offer all of who I am to others. I want to be yogified.

Centering does not happen in a vacuum, and I look forward to learning more from the people I’ve come to admire, and who have been a place of peaceful balance for me already.

My friend, Joyce Rothman, who writes about how to live beautifully while battling lung and pancreas cancer.

Bruce Dolin, Psy. D, a clinical psychologist in California, who reminds me regularly that it is more than enough to simply love…everyone. His new book, Privilege of Parenting, has been the best way to transition into the new year.

Another newfound internet connection, Dan Rockwell, offers a consistent and powerful message of servant-leadership, and I am inspired by his wisdom.

And then there are the mothers…too many to adequately name…who are struggling just like I am with that balance of motherhood and writing productivity. I love that we are so similarly challenged.  Some of the moms who most consistently inspire me:  Jen and Sarah at Momalom, Rachel at Recipes and Politics and Astra at The Dust Bunny Chronicles.

There will be more. That is part of the intention of this yogifying mission. I plan to surround myself with a cushion of wisdom, insight, humor, fabulous writing, positivity, enlightenment and love. Is there anything else that could hold a person in more centered balance?

Happy New Year to you and if it is your plan to yogify, may you find all the centering you need!

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8 thoughts on “Ready to Yogify My Life…

  1. My darling Meagan, Thank you so much for giving me such a place of honor in your life. I love your piece and can’t think of a better intention to enter a new year. You have inspired me with your words expressed so beautifully and I’ll carry them into my new year too.
    I wish you and your family the absolute Happiest 2012. Lots of love, Joyce

    • Happiest of new years to you, Joyce. Thanks for being that constant and consistent source of inspiration and beauty. Who knew that the internet could have such powerful influence over the human connection. MMF

  2. Cheers Meagan, I come your post after going to a yoga class where I had never been, at a time I’d never been. We had to find a “friend” to do a partner pose and I had no friend, and then someone kindly helped me; friends appear, it seems, if we show up for the yoga. It was a gentle class, a good way to quietly relinquish the year and invite the year. Thus it is with gratitude and gentle wishes that I bid you Great and Compassionate Good Cheer for a New Year like a soft and nourishing breath, a rising tide of love and consciousness and the well-being of all our collective selves and all our collective children.

    Namaste, Bruce

    • Bruce,
      Thanks so much for popping by. My screen is just softer knowing you’ll illuminate part of it. You really are awe-inspiring, and I am legitimately motivated to impact people around me in the same positive way that you so obviously do. Happy New Year!

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  4. Meagan, lovely post and a great framework for your 2012 plans. I’ve been semi-yogafied for about 12 years now though the centering comes and goes 😦
    Recently, someone gave me great advice about centering myself: your focus should remain within the confines of your mat… only you and what you’re are doing. It helped not to worry so much what the others in the class could accomplish and I could not. It really is “my” time .(.. though my daughter did once text me during class …*really* embarassing, not at all centering).
    Happy New Year to you and hope our respective goals and frames somehow continue to inspire each other!

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