Where’d You Grow Wednesday?

January 18, 2012 Edition

Shore of Lake Superior in Duluth, MN

I grew excited about being a goalie’s mom.

Going to Duluth for hockey is not an unusual trip for me. Our oldest has had a tournament there at least once a year for the last four years.

What was different about this trip was the fact that this tournament was a girls’ hockey tournament…and the player in my room…well, she was the goalie.

I knew when our daughter expressed an interest in playing full-time goalie for her hockey team, it was going to be a growing experience for both of us. What I didn’t expect was what that growth would look and feel like. And I was especially unprepared for how much I would learn about her in the process.

Playing sports makes people vulnerable. If they play with every ounce of energy and emotion that they have, they leave the field, or the court, or the rink completely spent.

Playing goalie makes people even more vulnerable. It takes a special kind of character to put yourself on the line between the other team and the goal they are shooting toward.

It takes self-confidence, focus, fearlessness and strength.

I’m not a good goalie. My daughter…well, she is a good goalie.

It’s not just that she has some physical skill. What I learned about my daughter this weekend is that she has a focus and an intensity that keeps her present in a potentially stress-filled situation. She has a calm presence and a confidence I wasn’t even aware she had.

Here she is….the tiny little goalie at center-ice

She remained poised through the weekend, and I was fascinated watching this side of her emerge.

I loved too, the role I got to play as “Haley’s Mom.”

Because she has additional equipment to put on, I get to be in the locker-room with the team as they prep for practices and games. By the end of the weekend, the entire team would yell when I entered, “Hi, Haley’s mom!” and I would reply, “Hi, Haley’s teammates!”

I helped to tie player’s skates, pull on jerseys, tighten equipment and give fist bumps as they waited.  It was a connection to this special group of girls that I hadn’t anticipated…All because my daughter is the goalie.

Some additional fun photos of the girls:

Painting nails between games

Watching intermission entertainment at the U of M vs. UMD women's hockey game















Other places of inspiration for growth I’ve found this week:

Mamawolfe shared yet another inspirational link about taking teenagers to a soup kitchen.

This video shows a birthday wish created by a woman’s dying husband. (get kleenex for this one) It’s a reminder to love completely, every chance you get.

Have any other inspirational growing stories you want to share? Email me the link or send me the photos of where you grow: You can email me  choosingtogrow@meaganfrank.com or post your story on my Facebook page.

Happy Growing!

To learn more about Meagan Frank, you can visit her at her website:  www.meaganfrank.com




6 thoughts on “Where’d You Grow Wednesday?

  1. Dear Meagan, I loved this post so much. Congrats to you and Haley. You gave me an inside view to an experience that I’ve not had and made me feel warm and fuzzy on the inside with your descriptions. I’m so happy that you get to experience this with your daughter and that she has such an awesome mom to be there with her Lots of love, Joyce

    • Thanks Joyce! I forget sometimes that what is such a part of my everyday life is new and unique to other people. I’m glad you could feel a blip of what goes on in a girls’ hockey locker room. It is a pretty cool place, and I feel so blessed to have a pretty cool kid to share this with. Hugs to you!! MMF

  2. I loved this piece, Meagan! As a former goalie mom, I know about watching your child grow in that position and as a person. And growing yourself in the process. But you’re having such an enhanced experience being in the locker room with the girls – what fun, for all of you. Tell Haley that I’m proud of her, and that we wish her good luck for the rest of the season. She’s always had the composure and confidence she’s showing in the net. I hope next year we’ll be able to see her in a game, and the other two as well. We’re on the road again tomorrow to watch our two grands, Lindsay (f) and Allison (d) play in a high school varsity game for Buffalo. That’s kept us on the run this winter, and soon it will be time for a few weeks in Florida – for the first time in all our years of marriage (and hockey.) Woo Hoo!

    • Sue,
      How fun to have an even more extended hockey experience through your granddaughters. You have run the gamut! I am so glad for you that Florida is in the plans for this winter…you and Ed totally deserve it. I do hope we can see you guys soon. Maybe when the lake opens up and the weather warms, we can have you at the cabin for a bar-b-q. Miss you guys! MMF

  3. I can’t always say being a hockey mom is a pleasure, but I have watched my three kids grow and develop (both physically and emotionally!) through the sport. As a hockey mom to three goalies, you knew I could relate well to this one! Jan 6th weekend saw my husband take my daughter to an away tournament. Four years into her minor hockey career, this was the first time *he* went away with her instead of me. I missed a lot of the excitement holding down the fort (and arena time) here at home, but thought it was a critical time in her youth for her to get to go away with her dad. He did not, however, succumb to having his nails painted (but I have seen it done to other dads!!).

    • I knew you would absolutely appreciate this post…and I know exactly where I am going when the “goalie mom” job is not so pleasant. I really hope my husband has to battle with the invitation of nail-painting…that would be entertaining! 🙂 MMF

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