All Blocked Up

Seriously?…out of words?  How is that even possible?  There were so many all day today, and now…nothing? I suppose it could be this stifling pressure that is simply sitting on these bones below my eyes.  See…I couldn’t even think to say cheekbone, or eye sockets or skull.  Really?!? “bones below my eyes?” That’s terrible.

You shouldn’t be subjected to this.  The ramblings of a writer who promised herself that she would write every day and now she is hopelessly wordless. 

I know…it’s ’cause I’m coming down from the high of completing yet another chapter draft.  No, no, that’s not it…It’s gotta’ be because Pappa Sprout is coming home to see us tomorrow.  That’s what it is, I am hopelessly  distracted by the return of my love…

Excuse me…I was laughing too hard to continue, plus when I read those couple of sentences over I saw one of my pet peeves.  I pride myself in not using the same word in the same paragraph, much less the same sentence.  Damn, I did it again!

This is like drunk driving.  Writing while in this frame of mind is downright irresponsible.  Someone could get hurt.

This block is because I am plain wiped out. 

So, instead of using my words to finish out this profound and life-changing blog post, I will use my favorite quotes from the Sprouts this week.

I think I’ll start with Middle Sprout because she is usually, um, in the middle.  Anyway, her quote of the week is actually a phone conversation I overheard.  Talking on the phone with a friend is new to her, but I am sure the start of a probable lifelong habit.  Middle Sprout, “Oh, okay, you want me to tell you the movies we have in our cabinet?  OK, we have Bug’s Life and Incredibles and Toy Story and…” she continued until she had listed EVERY SINGLE movie we own.  No doubt, she will change the world someday.

Little Sprout blessed me with her quote yesterday on the way to her last day of school at this particular preschool.  I said, “You know, honey, we are going to be a little early because you wouldn’t stop asking when we were going to go.”  “Oh, that’s okay mom, I just love school…and I am not a good patient.” It’s probably a good thing we have another year of preschool to prep for Kindergarten.

And finally…the coup de gras…Big Sprout was looking over my shoulder at my college yearbook as I flipped through. (No…I don’t do that often…I never even bought one…long story, long a new friend of mine happened to be a yearbook distributor in the city where I went to college the year I was a senior, and she just happened to have a copy, so she gave it to me, and I was looking at the pictures) Geesh…you’re so nosy.  Anyway, he noticed a rather seedy-looking fellow who was lounging on a couch at what appeared to be a college party.  He looked as if he had been there a while.  I laughed and said, too loudly, under my breath, “Wonder what he was smoking.”  Big Sprout laughed too and said, “I bet he was smoking weeds.”

So with that, I leave the keyboard for the night.  I fear I would be useless in my editing and I would have to scrap any draft-writing that I did tonight anyway, so instead I am going to take my stuffy little nose and go to bed.  Hopefully in the morning all the blockages that plague me tonight will be gone.

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