The Book Speaks…

I am not a book.

Ok, so maybe I am a book because I have real pages (or digital ones if you roll that way) and a beautifully inspirational cover.  There are words splattered all over my pages, some of which you’ll adore, others you may question, and others still with which you will completely disagree.

I guess I am a book, but I am more than that too.

I am hundreds of conversations, discussions, debates, tears, smiles, and frustrations. I am a picture of living rooms and coffee houses, dining room tables and libraries.

I am a journey: a transformation from desperation to joy.

I am all of those things, and I am not stagnant enough to be a book on a shelf.  I am alive, and my conversation is far from over.   There is more to be said, more to be heard, more to be transformed, and I am just a part of all that people are saying.

I guess I’m kindof like marriage in that way.

Marriage is a journey, frought with tears, smiles, frustrations and heartache. It is an ongoing conversation that is ever-evolving and individually unique.

We make a good match, marriage and me. We are alive and intertwined, and ready to embark on this journey together.

We do hope you’ll join us!

If you are a facebook fan, you may like my daily conversation about marriage on my own site. Choosing to Grow: Through Marriage

If you like blog articles, my author, Meagan Frank, writes about marriage sometimes…but she gets distracted and writes about all sorts of other things too. Her blog is Choosing to Grow.

Oh yeah, I guess I should tell you where you can find copies of me. I am on the presses right now (most definitely an out-of-body experience).  You can order autographed copies directly from Meagan. is also carrying the books and the Kindle version is coming soon.

I want to thank TreasureLine Publishing for giving me life. They became a part of the conversation about a year ago, and they believe in where this conversation is going.

So much to be said, and so little time…

15 thoughts on “The Book Speaks…

    • Thanks Cathy! I really do feel like this book has its own identity. It made me want to tear my hair out, cry uncontrollably, and laugh from exhaustion. Not too unlike my children 🙂

  1. Dear Book (that is not a book),

    I can’t wait to meet you! I will be ordering you in Kindle form (shipping costs to this part of the world are CRAZY), but I am sure I will love you whatever form you come in.

    p.s. Please tell your author CONGRATULATIONS!!! 😀

    • Dear Sam,
      I will be happy to visit you, via Kindle. I should be dressed and ready to fly by Wednesday of next week. I definitely look forward to some warmer weather…a happy-go-lucky world traveling companion and I am so excited to meet the book you have coming! (my author told me it is going to be awesome!!) Tata for now!
      Book (that is really not a book)

  2. Love this love this love this and I want a copy of the book autographed of course. 4hiswill is another blog that I do for bible study that is serious (well as serious as I can get)…keep the posts coming. I don’t have a lot of time lately wedding season and I’m doing a lot of pre-marital counseling and have several weddings to perform so if you don’t hear from me I will catch up on my reading. You know I love anything that has to do with marriage. Good job and let me know how I can get the book…RevLa

    • RevLa, thanks so much for stopping by! I can only imagine how busy you are starting to be. The couples you counsel are so lucky to have you! Doing work for the good of marriage…well, I guess we are in that business together:)

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