A Sunrise in Egypt


Hosni Mubarak

I know who that is now, and I’m glad he’s finally gone.  I’ve been waiting since January 25th.

I have no right to an opinion, political or otherwise.  I am uninformed and embarassingly apathetic.  I have only moderate interest in foreign relations. Plus, politics are generally too frustrating for me to invest much of my energy there.

 I’d rather dive into good prose or a phenomenally distracting book.  Actually, better yet, I’d prefer to sit and have a cup of coffee with my husband as we solidify our marriage against the daily revolt of our children.

Because of my life path, I know I am not called to be an expert in Middle Eastern stability, but I am called to be aware…and to be moved.

  I was appalled…right along with the young protestors in Cairo, that their leader would go before them yesterday, completely disregard their pleas and stubbornly cling to evaporating power.

And now today…it’s done…and the long road of work ahead will be arduous, but I smile applaudingly at the celebration in the streets of Egypt.

So what does all of this mean to me? Aside from my bucket-list desire to visit the pyramids some day, I am nothing but a tourist in this conflict. I am interested in the images but I am most certainly behind the camera.  That’s okay, though, I think. 

I am an engaged tourist. I am enthralled by the power of the people…the desperate desire for freedom and democracy and the willingness to sacrifice for what they believe in. 

 There are lessons to learn, and I can either recognize the historical nature of what has transpired in Egypt over the last few weeks and take from it an appreciation for all we have here in America…or I can bury my head in the sand, continue to live my little life unaffected by the stories unfolding around me and miss out on an opportinity to grow.

As you know…I choose to grow.

4 thoughts on “A Sunrise in Egypt

  1. Your writing style is lovely, Meagan. Smooth and full of wonder, I feel like I’m sitting right next to you in quiet conversation. And what a fine focus for your blog “I choose to grow”. I’ll be back…

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