Remembering for Memorial Day

For the families, friends and soldiers left behind…

I don’t remember, what you remember…you knew your soldier best.

I only know in imaginings who that soldier is at rest.

It may not be a name I know, but it’s a daughter or a son…

A loved one lost before the time his or her life had quite begun.

Or maybe they were taken as they lived life the best way they knew.

Committed to that sacrifice…a lifelong soldier through and through.

And now it’s there, for the rest of us, to remember what it costs

To have a day of pensive rest, we can’t forget what has been lost.


We join our cabin neighbors for the Memorial weekend fun,

But I want you to know I won’t forget the freedom that’s been won.

I watch those boats, on the foggy horizon, of our peaceful lake

I know it would be vastly changed if soldiers’ lives weren’t put at stake.

So thank you that my family can fish… and swim and laugh and play

And all because the soldiers know that there are times they just can’t stay.

Thank you for what it means to have smiles and laughter turn into loss,

I bend my knee and close my eyes as I contemplate that white cross.

And for all the soldiers, everywhere, who still stand for what’s been won

I pray you’ll enjoy the freedom you defend with all your loved ones.

The blessings you have afforded us, belong to all of you too,

And I want you to know there are hardly enough ways to say:

Thank You!

3 thoughts on “Remembering for Memorial Day

    • I did write it, Leah. This one was a hard one for me to really get my words right, and I’m still not sure they do what I had envisioned they would. Thanks! MMF

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